Werewolf Addon Evolution V1.5 Silver Update

Werewolf Addon Evolution  We are here to introduce you to our new Addon, which consists of the possibility of fighting and transforming into a werewolf.  plus more things to be added in the future.

At the moment the addon has the werewolf, various items such as aconite, the various heals and totems related to the werewolf.  and as mentioned above, the possibility of being a werewolf, which has huge advantages and disadvantages.  

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To explain how this Addon Works and The Transformation of the Wolf Man Into The Player, We Must Start from The Infected Villager or The Werewolf

Infected Villager 

Health: 10 hearts
This villager appears as a result of a werewolf attacking a villager, when this happens, there is a 30% chance that the villager will be infected and can be healed, or else they will be a werewolf.
Also, it can appear in the forest.

Werewolf disease phases:  

These are the phases in which the werewolf disease turns the patient into a werewolf, it consists of 7 phases, and the total duration of the disease is 4 minutes and 39 seconds.  (279 seconds).

Phase 1 – Initial contagion phase: Happens right after taking a hit from the werewolf, lasts 50 seconds.
Phase 2 – Virus entry phase: This phase is characterized by symptoms such as slowness, weakness, mining fatigue and blindness in short periods of time, lasting 30 seconds.
Phase 3 – Hunger and madness phase 1: This phase is characterized by symptoms of mild hunger and animal noises due to insanity as a result of the disease. This phase lasts 60 seconds.
Phase 4 – Serious phase: This phase is characterized by slightly more severe symptoms, in this phase all symptoms increase in addition to louder heartbeat sounds. This phase lasts 41 seconds.
Phase 5 – Phase of fury and anger: This phase is characterized by symptoms of hunger and angry attacks of the patient, these angry attacks can give him strength, speed, resistance, haste and hunger, which makes it the most dangerous phase to treat.This phase lasts 30 seconds.
Phase 6 – Hunger and madness phase 2: This phase consists of an increase in hunger attack, madness, and a reduction in anger attacks. This phase lasts 30 seconds.
Phase 7 – The Last Phase: This phase is where all the past phases come together, which results in crazy effects that, although some decrease, are still very dangerous for the patient and it is recommended that they stay in bed. This phase lasts 38 seconds.
As previously mentioned, these diseases can be cured with various items depending on the phase:
(Basic werewolf cure: phase 1-3)
(Advanced werewolf cure: phase 1-7)
(Divine Totem: All phases)
You can also automatically transform into a werewolf via the Werewolf totem.

For the creation of all these items you need to get the aconite flower.

You can find this flower in birch forest and flower forest.  but be careful, you can poison yourself if you expose yourself to this flower a lot, also if you keep it in your hand for a long time, you will start to poison yourself.

Basic werewolf cure:

Advanced werewolf cure:

Divine Totem:

Werewolf totem:


Attack with claws: 5 hearts.
Health: 15 hearts
This creature can be found when there is a full moon, be careful, it can infect you and that can turn you into a werewolf.
The werewolf is characterized by his great power, his high regeneration, his great speed, and his fury attacks that only increase his power.

Werewolf – Player 

After going through all the phases of the werewolf disease, you will be one, and you must cope with it or get the divine totem.
You have to know that the werewolf is also characterized by his great insatiable hunger, so you must hunt more.
In addition to that, when you are a werewolf, for nothing in the world do you approach the golems, because they will see you as their enemy.
The werewolf has two states, which are the human and the werewolf itself:
Werewolf – Human:

Being human by day you will suffer hunger, and you will have light attacks of fury every 24 seconds.
Normal effects: slight jump and speed.
Rage effects: strength, haste, speed, regeneration, resistance, hunger.

When it is a full moon, you will have to face the moon, and your transformation will begin.
Just like the human, the werewolf also has normal perks and rage attacks, as well as being very hungry.
normal effects: regeneration, hunger, jump, resistance.
Rage effects: strength, haste, high regeneration, high hunger and resistance.
The werewolf also has a very good advantage, when he has no items in his hand, he brings out his claws, which give him speed to break blocks and more attack (5 hearts of damage), but if he has items, his base damage is lower.

Another indisputable advantage of the werewolf is its speed, since when walking for a while, it will start to run and its speed can multiply, it is better to run in flat places but it can be useful in places that are not flat like mountains or forests.

The werewolf transforms on the night of the full moon, but also, it can be controlled by the werewolf’s necklace, this necklace is equipped on the neck or chest, and with it you can transform and untransform at will.  To do so, with the collar equipped, you have to crouch 3 times in a row in a maximum period of 7 seconds.

In order for humans to put up a fight with werewolves, they had to cash in on silver.



Silver is a light mineral, a bit rare to find, it is admired for its advantages over the use of other minerals, in addition to its great effectiveness in killing werewolves.

Mineral ore:

To mine this ore, you need to use an iron pickaxe at least, you can find it in relatively algae layers.

To know the functionality of all the silver items, such as the sword, the armor, the werewolf armor, the bow, the pickaxe, and the other items, go to the official page



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