Chococraft 3 v3.1

This addon is a recreation of the famous java mod Chococraft 3 that adds chocobos to our Minecraft.

 These chocobos appear around the world and feed on gysahl green, and there are chocobos of different colors, at the moment some items do not work.

In total there are 21 chocobos and all of different colors:

Yellow Chocobo

Blue Chocobo

White Chocobo

  1. Flame Chocobo
  2. Ender Chocobo
  3. Red Chocobo
  4. Gold Chocobo
  5. Green Chocobo
  6. Pink Chocobo
  7. Purple Chocobo
  8. Black Chocobo
  9. Yellow Chocobo
  10. White Chocobo
  11. Blue Chocobo

And the other 11 are the same but in their female version.

To differentiate a male chocobo from a female one, you have to look at its tail color, if its tail is colorful it means that it is a male and if its tail is the same color as that of its feathers then it is female.

You can reproduce the chocobos with the Lovely Gysahl Green, you can also tame them with gysahl green.

Chocobo Saddle:

It is only a mount for Chocobo, The Chocobo release their feathers from time to time.

Chocobo Saddle Bags:

This item does not have a function at the moment

Chocobo Saddle Pack:

This item also does not have a function in the addon (for now)

Chocobo Whistle:

With this whistle you can make the chocobo follow you, stay still or wander


This item also has no function 

You can also reproduce chocobos with the lovely gysahl green 

Chocobo egg:

After reproducing they leave an egg which you can break with your hand

Chocobo nest:

This nest is used to lay the chocobo egg

When you put the egg in the nest you will have to wait approximately 30 minutes for the baby chocobo to be born

(To put the egg in the nest you must Interact with the nest with the chocobo egg in hand)

(These items do not work yet in the addon)

  • Note: The gysahl green that appears in the world you have to break it so that the gysahl releases you

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 What’s new?

  •  Now the whistle plays its sound when interacting with the chocobo
  •  Now the chocobo can shake his head
  •  Now you can only ride the chocobo if it is wandering
  •  Now you can only reproduce the chocobo if it is wandering
  •  Correction of the generation of chocobos
  •  Now you no longer have to craft the nest with the egg, now you have to interact with the nest with the chocobo egg in hand
  •  Now the baby chocobo takes 30 minutes to be born


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