Would you like to be able to tame mobs in the game and have them become your new companions? adventure? Well, with this addon you can make it possible!

With this addon you can tame mobs in the game and make them your battle partners and adventure, you can tame the warden himself or even a small chicken.

  First of all you will have to know about the new mod that this addon adds.

 Mob List  :

This add-on add new logo!

if you are a content creator and want to make a video about the addon, go ahead, you can do it as long as you put the link to this page in the video description, and please don’t put direct links.

I was going to publish this addon a few days before, but the mini laptop in which I did it was damaged, I was about to not upload this addon because I needed more mobs, but I will add them in future updates, sorry if it takes a while, I’ll have to do the addons from my phone, I hope you like this addon.

Remember to activate the experimental functions as indicated in the photo and activate both the resource pack and the behavior package so that the add-on can work correctly.

Download Behavior Pack

Download Resource Pack


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