Emerald Addon by Jeroo 2.0

This emerald addon is created by Jeroo (Newbie Addon Maker), the addon adds many things like armor, tools, etc. Soon I plan to add more things to improve this addon for you.

Let’s start with the crafting, the crafting of the addon items is like vanilla, simple. Here are some crafts and their statistics


Emerald Helmet

Durability: 358

Emerald Chestplate

Durability; 592

Emerald Leggings

Durability: 592

Emerald Boots

Durability: 358

Heavy emerald Sword

Damage: 9

Durability: 1194 

Heavy emerald axe 

Damage: 7

Durability: 1194

Heavy Emerald Pickaxe

Damage: 4

Durability: 1194

Heavy Emerald Shovel

Damage; 5

Durability: 1194

Heavy Emerald Hoe


Durability: 1194

Gold Cross-piece(used by sword)

Gold Stick (used by other tools and Sword)

(later there are more tools but worse is that you have to check in the addon everything it adds 🙂 )

Tools in game:

What do you think?

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