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1.0.3 Vanilla Hammers

Hello everyone, Today I present my new addon called Vanilla Hammers, which adds hammers that sting 3×3, which I will improve soon and will have more hammers than before in future updates

for now vanilla hammers only adds 6 hammers, which are those of wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond , netherite, emerald and coal

We will begin detailing its damage, durability and crafting:


Wood Hammer:

Damage: 6

Durability: 131

Stone Hammer:

Damage: 7

Durability: 201

Coal Hammer:

Damage: 6

Durability: 174

Gold Hammer:

Damage: 6

Durability: 167

Copper Hammer:

Damage: 7

Durability: 315

Iron Hammer:

Damage: 8

Durability: 450

Emerald Hammer:

Damage: 8

Durability: 650

Diamond Hammer:

Damage: 9

Durability: 1734

Netherite Hammer:

Damage: 10

Durability: 3201

(does not burn with lava)

USAGE(with the old textures):



to use the hammers you just have to touch the middle block e of the 3×3 that you want to chop, to mine down is the same 

Channel Of Dexten (he helped me with the code)


My Community(Support)



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